So Why Choose Urgent Care Dental?

At the end of the day or busy work week, relax knowing that we have you covered. Want to take that vacation?  Enjoy your time off because we have your back.

Let your patients know that your office offers emergency care, 7 days a week. Urgent Care Dental is here to support dental offices.


Services Performed

Evaluate patient
Perform temporary or sedative restorations
Recement provisional and permanent restorations
Start root canals when needed
Post-operative care
Removal of brackets/wires
Incision and drainage when needed
Prescribe antibiotics
And more…

We send the patient back to your office for continuation of care.  All treatment notes and radiographs will be emailed to your office. 

Benefits of Becoming a Subscribing Dentist

No production will be taken from your office.  We do not bill the patient, so there is no risk of double billing their insurance or taking benefits away from the patient or your practice. 

Urgent Care Dental Pledges

  • No disparaging comments about work performed
  • No threat of losing patients to our office
  • No taking production from your office
  • No out of pocket cost to your patients

We guarantee to refer all patients back to their participating dentist.

Take control of your life. What is your time worth?

The answers is URGENT CARE DENTAL a safe and smart way to deal with after hours coverage.

Get started

Monday-Friday 4pm-9pm
Saturday-Sunday 9am-5pm

We are open 365 days a year.